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A unique travel trailer built for the extreme outdoor enthusiast.

May 17 - 19   2019  Overland  West 

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DGT1 Concept

Why this design?

  Over many years of camping, backpacking, hiking, kayaking and off road motorcycle adventures I often rented commercial camping trailers, however, these trailers never fully met my adventure needs. The M1101 utility trailer gave me the opportunity to build what I envisioned an adventure trailer should and could be.


The Military M1101 Utility Trailer

The DGT1 begins its life on an M1101 trailer base which has a similar width, ground clearance and wheel track as the Humvee. The M1101 has an 85 inch width, 132 inch length, and a 21 inch ground clearance.

With a curb weight of 1460 lbs and a payload capacity of 1960 lbs the DGT1 maxes at 3400lbs. This total weight is well within most pick-up or SUV towing capacity.


Design & Development

The DGT1 is in the testing phase and we continue to fine tune our design. Visit the Events page for more info and show dates.

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