DGT1 Features PDF now downloadable

About the DGT1



  From concept, the DGT1 was designed to be a self-sustainable adventure camping trailer which allows you to live off-the-grid with the conveniences of a hotel room.  We have engineered the DGT1 to be as self-sufficient, practical and as "outdoor life style" friendly as possible. From the ability to carry your dirt bike within the trailer to its rugged minimalist and efficiently designed interior features, you will achieve a new level of outdoor freedom, all contained within just under 50 Sq Ft.  

Gear & Equipment Storage

 There is no need for an additional transport system for your extreme sports equipment. Ample space and tie down systems have been incorporated for your dry goods, clothing, mountain bike, surfboard, kayak and other outdoor gear.  They can be loaded straight into the DGT1 and secured by using the military D-ring tie downs embedded in the trailer frame. 

Sleeping Area

  If you have ever spent the night on an uncomfortable trailer floor, then you understand the allure of trailer folding beds. Cots and air mattresses are uncomfortable, bulky and cumbersome to set up. Not to mention, rearranging most of the trailer for each night’s sleep. It’s burdensome and totally un-enjoyable. Sleep in perfect comfort by using the integrated folding trailer bed. You can enjoy seating by day, bedding by night, and folded up out of the way for your journey.   

Interior Kitchen & Bath

   This area was designed to be extremely space efficient with its features. The marine grade sink and single burner unit provides convenience yet durability. The cold food storage area incorporates a Dometic CFX-65DZUS Compressor Dual Zone Freezer and Refrigeration unit. The roof mounted / 120Vac or generator driven 13K BTU air conditioner is also made by Dometic. Our wet bath area incorporates an efficient 1.3 gal per minute Aquaking tankless instant water heater system and a Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V toilet.  

Water Filtration /Solar panels /Audio / System monitor panel / Lighting / Propane

  Many of the additional DGT1 systems were taken directly from the recreational vehicle market. These RV  systems are well proven in the market with readily available parts and service.