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Prior to deployment in the marketplace, the DGT1 will be put through 6 to 8 months of testing. Data from these tests will help us fine tune this product for the outdoor market.

Build Progression - Complete - Now @ Paint

Stay tuned for updates starting in the Summer of 2017

Bed liner completed 6/1/17

Final Welding Completed 8/14/17

Outer skin fabrication to start late August

Wet bath floor and frame completed 8/22/17

Outer Skin fabrication has started 8/30/17

Outer Skin Is Complete 8/31/17

Panels removed and painted 9/9/2017

Panels Re-installed 9/10/17

Roof secured and sealed. Air Conditioner installed 9/14/2017

Bed Installed 9/17/15

Wiring is under way 9/25/2017

Cleaning up the wiring 10/6/2017

2 coats of paint on the roof 10/7

TV powered up and additional wireing clean up. Inverter installed 10/8

Solar Panels Mounted 10/10

Door Hinges done and JoBox Mounted Solar Batteries are in 10/18/17

Counter Top cut and sink Installed 10/19/17

Rear doors near completion & 120VAC added 10/30/17

Propane tanks and external water heater mounted 11/10/17

All Electrical & Solar wiring complete 11/14/15

Aluminum trim started 

Completed Rear Door lock

Installed Fresh Water Tank

Installed Gray Water Tank

Added 2 Propane tanks 11/30/17

Holding tanks nearly complete 12/1/17

Completed the rear door lock 12/8

Cooking tray finished 12/13/17

Black Water Tank Mounted 12/13/17

Travel Test Day-  12/15/17 

Installed 2M Ham Radio 12/29/17

HAM Radio operational & Canopy finished 1/6/18

KLR 650 Fits and tied down 1/20/18 

New Pics added from paint process

Custom Wetlands stencils made by the paint guys.

3/27/18 - More paint pictures - Went with a Raptor Liner outer coating - Final paint should be finished 1st week of April

4/20/18 Plumbing system started and dump valve mounted

5/5/18 - Water lines connected.

5/19/18 - Shower drain in and all tanks connected

5/25/18 Tank sensors mounted and working. Water Heater running perfectly.  Stove tested and working.

Ready for it's first camping test.

Download page added 9/5/2018

Furnace installation complete 12/1/2018

Market Release

Market release for orders is anticipated for the fall of 2018